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Trainer NameMr. Rehan 
Trainer Experience12+ Years
Course Duration45-50 Days
TimingsMonday to Friday (Morning & Evening)
Next Batch Date6th April 2023; 08:00 PM IST
Training ModesOnline Classes
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Key features of React Training in Hyderabad

Curriculum - React Training in Hyderabad

  • Basics of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript in depth.
    • Creating classes
    • Creating private/public/global fields
    • Creating private/public/global functions
    • Dynamic rendering with JavaScript
    • Events
  • What is React JS?
  • React JS Architecture
  • React JS Terminology
  • Setting up Development Environment
  • IDE Extension for React JS Development – VS Code, Sublime, Atom
  • NPM and Node Introduction
  • React JS Installation
  • Developing Simple Angular App
  • Variables in JavaScript
  • Const in JavaScript
  • let vs var in JavaScript
  • Operators in JavaScript
  • Assignments in JavaScript
  • Control Statements – If Else
  • Control Statements – If Else If
  • Control Statements – For Loop
  • Control Statements – While Loop
  • Control Statements – Switch Cases
  • JavaScirpt Functions
  • Arrow Functions in JavaScript
  • ES6 Concepts
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Classes
  • Constructor and Desctructor
  • Promises
  • Fetch
  • Template Literals
  • Component Introduction
  • Introduction to JSX
  • Building First Component
  • Types of Components
  • Component Architecture
  • Functional Components
  • Render Function
  • States and Props
  • Class Component
  • Render Method
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Parent and Child Components
  • Nested Components
  • React State Introduction
  • State Creation
  • Accessing States and SetState
  • Passing State to another Components
  • Using State in Functional Components
  • Using State in Class Components
  • React Hooks
  • UseStates
  • UseEffect
  • UseContext
  • React Advance State Management
  • Custom Hooks
  • React Props Introduction
  • Accessing Props in Components
  • PropTypes for Props Validation
  • Props Default Value
  • Rendering Props using Maps
  • Event Handling Introduction
  • Event Handling Function
  • Event Object
  • Prevent Defaults
  • Passing Parameters to the Event Function
  • Binding Events the Component
  • Different Binding Types
  • Synthetic Events
  • JSX Introduction
  • JSX and HTML Difference
  • JSX Elements
  • JSX Attribute Difference
  • Closing Tags in JSX
  • Fragments
  • Inline Styling
  • Styling in React
  • CSS Stylesheet
  • Style Import
  • Using Bootstrap in React
  • Forms Introduction
  • Basic Form Creation
  • Controlled Components
  • Uncontrolled Components
  • Default Value
  • Form Input Value Change
  • Form Submit
  • Data Validation in Form
  • React ref Props
  • Router Setup
  • React-Routers Introduction
  • react-routers features
  • Single Page Application
  • HashRouter
  • BrowserRouter
  • Route Configuration
  • Switch Components
  • Route Params
  • Nested Routes
  • Page Navigations
  • NavLink and Link Components
  • Route Redirect
  • Pathless Routes
  • GraphQL Introduction
  • REST API Apporach
  • Disadvantages of REST API
  • Advantages of GraphQL
  • GraphQL Architecture
  • Datatypes in GraphQL
  • Modifiers Schema
  • GraphQL API Building

About React Training in Hyderabad Online course


React is a JavaScript library for building large, complex web interfaces. Facebook uses it on their search and newsfeed pages. You can build your own search page or newsfeed page using the same technology that powers the Facebook site. React Js Training Course gives you all the skills you need to start taking advantage of modern JavaScript features like ES2015, functional programming, and componentization

React.js is a JavaScript framework optimized for building user interfaces. It helps developers to build reusable UI components and enables efficient data rendering in the browser. React works well with other technologies like Redux, Webpack, TSLint and CSS Modules to create scalable UIs.

The React community is large and growing fast. It has a huge number of open source projects, many of which are maintained by the core team at Facebook. It’s also possible to use React with TypeScript or Flow if you prefer static typing over JavaScript’s dynamic nature.

React is a popular choice among developers because it’s fast and scalable. It also has an active community that supports frameworks like Redux, MobX and React Native.

Objectives of this React js Course Online

This course will help you learn how to build web applications using React and TypeScript. You’ll also learn how to use Redux, Webpack and Babel as well as how to work with GraphQL.

What is React js?

React js is a JavaScript library that is used to create user interfaces. It is a component-based library that makes it easy to create complex and interactive user interfaces with minimal coding. 

With React js, developers can create components that are reusable and can be used to create a wide variety of web applications. It is also used to createmobile applications using the React Native library.

The main feature of React js is that it is a declarative library, which means that developers can create components and then tell React how the components should be rendered. 

It also allows developers to create components that can be reused and shared across different applications. This makes it easier for developers to create complex user interfaces without having to write a lot of code.

In addition to being a declarative library, React js also uses the virtual DOM (Document Object Model). The DOM is a tree-like structure that is used to represent the structure of a web page. 

Every time a component is updated, React will make changes to the virtual DOM, which will then be reflected in the actual DOM. This makes React js very fast and

Why Choose a Career in React Js

React JS Training in Hyderabad - why choose a career in react js

React JS is one of the most popular frontend frameworks. It is used by many companies and people across the globe. It is also one of the most sought-after skills in today’s job market. You have great opportunities in this field and learning React Js can help you to develop a successful career.

A career in React Js field provides you with the opportunity to build a bright future for yourself and others, where the sky’s limit. Nothing is more important to us than helping you grow.

Working in React Js can help you build amazing products and services, as well as give you access to new technologies and tools.

You can learn by yourself or join one of our React js training in Hyderabad  courses and enjoy the full support of our team. We believe that every student has a right to learn, but we also know that not everyone has the time or resources to do so. That’s why we provide online courses, books, and other resources to help people who want to learn React Js.  For More Details Contact Us

Career Opportunities in React Js

React Js strives to provide employment opportunities for all individuals regardless of race, sex or creed.

Career Opportunities in React Js​

The React Js Developer is responsible for the creation of applications using React Js. This person must have an understanding of web application design, including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They also need to be able to work in a team environment and communicate effectively with others.

React Js and Node JS Redux Saga Developer

The React Js and Node JS Redux Saga Developer is responsible for the creation of applications using React Js, Node JS, Redux Saga and other related technologies.

React Native Developer

The React Native Developer creates applications using React Native by implementing a variety of web-based technologies, including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The React Js Front end Developer creates user interfaces using React JS and other related technologies. Their responsibilities also include testing applications, debugging code, resolving bugs and maintaining existing applications.

React Native Backend Developer

The React Native Backend Developer creates native mobile applications, testing and debugging the code for bugs and resolving them. They also maintain existing code by identifying issues with outdated features or introducing new features to keep up with evolving technologies.

Testimonials of our Students

The course was very interesting and helpful, I got everything explained very well. If anyone is looking for React training in Hyderabad then they should definitely sign up for this. Also I liked the free samples which were great. This course was awesome, and highly recommended.
I recently attended the React training in Hyderabad and it was a great learning experience. The trainers were knowledgeable and provided hands-on experience with real-life projects. The course content was well-structured and easy to follow. I highly recommend this training program to anyone looking to enhance their React skills.
The React training in Hyderabad program was exactly what I was looking for. The trainers were experienced and provided a comprehensive understanding of React The practical exercises were very helpful in understanding the concepts. I highly recommend this training program to anyone interested in learning React .
I have enrolled myself in this react training in Hyderabad. It is a very good course and you will learn very effectively. I have learnt from a very expert instructor and I can clearly see improvement in my skills in each and every topic. In fact, I can easily say, it's a very good experience. I will recommend this course to everyone and anyone who wants to learn react js, get enrolled here for an awesome course.
This is the best react training in Hyderabad for all level learners. The instructor provides real-time guidance, so students will be able to easily grasp the concepts. The course is available in both English and Telugu and all materials are prepared by expert programmers.
The trainer is very friendly and helpful. He is very patient and makes sure we understand the concept.He also gives us examples with code. He has a very good background in programming and helps us understand things very well.We have learnt a lot with him. His style of teaching makes you learn in easy steps and the concepts get understood very well. It is easy to learn ReactJS from React Geeks.
We've used React Js service with React Geeks Training Institute for a while now. We're always happy with their React Js Service and their React Js training. Their React Js training material and their services are so up-to-date and effective. They're very professional and their React Js Services are excellent. We've learned a lot from their React Js training and would recommend them to everyone.
React Geeks provides the best react training in Hyderabad for React JS training. They have very friendly and knowledgeable trainers. Their React courses are very informative and they cover all the aspects about the React JS Framework. If you want to learn about the React Framework then they are the best.
We’ve been working with React Geeks for over a year now and they’ve been helping us build our front-end applications. They’ve been amazing, especially because they’re React experts. React Geeks is a team of highly skilled and experienced React developers who have been helping companies build React applications for over a year now.

Pre-Requisites of the Course

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Certifications - React Geeks

Placement Opportunities by React Geeks for React JS

React Geeks offers a complete program for training on ReactJs. Our expert trainers have years of industry experience and real time projects portfolio to teach every student about the latest technology trends in the market. With our well-organized curriculum, we are able to prepare students for interviews and help them get placed in top MNCs such as Google and Facebook

We promise to provide the best react  training in Hyderabad and placement assistance in any of the finest MNCs through our React Geeks. In fact, all the businesses are looking for trained professionals in this field.

We have designed our content as per a real-world scenario so that aspirants can get maximum knowledge about React and also prepare for any kind of company interview.

We take your career and its success seriously, because we are passionate about technology. We want to help you succeed.

We have already placed more than 350+ students in various companies . And we’ve achieved an impressive 100% placement rate for our students who successfully complete their courses.

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Payscale of React js jobs

React js is a popular library and as such, there are a number of jobs available that require knowledge of React. The pay scale of React js jobs vary, depending on the role and the experience level of the developer.

Generally speaking, the salaries for React js jobs range from $60,000 to $120,000 per year. Entry level React js jobs usually pay around $60,000 per year, while more experienced React developers can earn up to $120,000 per year.

The salaries for React js jobs also depend on the type of company that the developer is working for. Companies that are located in bigger cities such as Bangalore and Hyderabad tend to pay higher salaries for React js jobs than companies located in smaller cities.

Why Choose React Geeks for react training in Hyderabad?

We are a leading online training portal for React developers. We have a team of industry-experienced instructors, who have worked on various projects related to React and other technologies.

We regularly conduct workshops and seminars for students and keep themselves updated about the latest trends in the industry. We have designed our content as per a real-world scenario so that aspirants can get maximum knowledge about React and also prepare for any kind of company interview.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. They have worked on various projects related to React and other technologies.


 We offer certifications in various technologies such as Angular JS, React, and Node.js. We also provide training on how to get certified in these technologies.

Placement Assistance

We have a team of placement coordinators who help students to get placed in top companies. We have tie-ups with various companies and we regularly conduct workshops and seminars for students and keep themselves updated about the latest trends in the industry.

Industry-Specific Training

We offer industry-specific react js training in in Hyderabad in order to help students get placed in the desired job. We also provide additional support such as interview preparation and mock interviews.

Market trends of React js

React js has become one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in recent years and is used by some of the biggest tech companies in the world. 

This has increased the demand for React developers and as a result, there are now more job openings for React developers than ever before.

The market for React js is also growing rapidly. According to a recent report, the global market for React js is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.8% from 2021 to 2026. This is a significant growth rate and it shows that the demand for React developers is only going to increase in the future.

In addition, React js is becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise space. More and more companies are realizing the potential of React js and are starting to use it to create complex user interfaces. 

This has increased the demand fo React developers who have experience working with enterprise applications.
Finally, React js is also becoming increasingly popular in the mobile space. React Native is a popular library for creating mobile applications and many companies are starting to use it to create their mobile applications. 

This has increased the demand for React developers who have experience working with mobile applications. As you can see, React js is a popular library and the demand for React developers is only growing. 

If you are looking to become a React developer, now is a great time to get started. Taking a Course of React  training in Hyderabad can be a great way to get started and increase your chances of finding a job in the React js market.

React js market trends

Benefits of React Training in Hyderabad

Improved job prospects: React is a widely used library for building user interfaces and is in high demand among employers. Having React training can make you a more attractive job candidate.

Better understanding of the React framework: By taking a React training, you can gain a deeper understanding of the framework and how to build complex user interfaces using it.

Faster development times: React allows developers to build reusable components that can significantly speed up the development process.

Improved collaboration: React’s modular approach to building user interfaces allows for easier collaboration between team members.

Opportunities for growth: React is continuously being improved and updated, so taking a React training can help you stay up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Overall, taking a React training can greatly enhance your skills as a front-end developer and provide you with valuable knowledge and experience in building modern web applications.


React Geeks offers excellent React training in Hyderabad with good practical sessions in the components and concepts of the course. 

You will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in React  with knowledge in its features, fundamentals, router execution, event handling and more. 

There are no given prerequisites but people with basic knowledge in programming languages will have an added advantage. 

Anybody can enroll for the React training in Hyderabad course but developers and UI developers can learn the course to upskill their skill set. Anybody aspiring for a career in Front end development can also learn the course. 

Yes, we offer placement support with additional career counseling at React Geeks. Note : We do not however guarantee a definite job after the training program. 

React Developer salary in Hyderabad/Secunderabad ranges between ₹ 1.3 Lakhs to ₹ 7.7 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.9 Lakhs.

You can always attend our backup sessions or our team can arrange for you to join the next consecutive live class. 

Some of the top companies including CapGemini, HCL, Deloitte, Accenture, Cognizant etc hire React professionals with efficient skills and knowledge. 

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